Our Vision

Living Word is called to be a church of TRANSFORMATIONAL GROWTH — a community that is rooted in Christ, that nurtures authentic connections, and engages the world through intentional outreach.

Specific Areas of Focus for Visioning

Four major themes are the values around which we focused our vision:  Connection, Inclusivity, Outreach, and Spiritual Formation/Youth & Family Ministries.

Connection - intentionally nurturing connections within the church through Life Groups and fellowship

Inclusivity - intentionally creating an environment that ensures Living Word is truly a place for all— including all races/ethnicities, genders, LGBTQ+ community, the “nones”, and other historically marginalized groups

Outreach - intentionally reaching out to our neighbors and the world with a local focus on utilizing our campus to host community events

Spiritual Formation/Youth and Family Ministries - intentionally creating/sustaining thriving ministries that foster transformational growth in the lives of our children, youth, and their parents

Fulshear Campus Vision

The Vision Team envisions the Fulshear Campus as a missional outpost of Living Word that embodies the core values above: Connection, Inclusivity, Outreach and Spiritual Formation.

Fulshear Vision Strategy

There is strong consensus among the Vision Team that building community through outreach should come before constructing a physical church building. It is the belief of the Vision Team that as we engage in outreach and community building, that will organically lead to the formation of a worshiping congregation. As that community grows over time, Living Word will evaluate when it will be the appropriate time to move forward with a building campaign.

Fulshear Vision

* For Living Word to begin to utilize the Fulshear campus as a missional outpost, the first recommendation of the Vision Team would be to develop a minimal infrastructure that would allow for access and usage of the property (i.e., a driveway, a parking pad, and port-a-potties).

* Begin a quarterly worship service for all of Living Word to attend on the Fulshear campus. This would serve to “bless the land” and to encourage all members of Living Word to take ownership of the future ministry that will happen in Fulshear.

* As a missional outpost of Living Word, the Vision Team recommends a focused effort on identifying the needs of the surrounding community, and to allow those needs to lead our approach to future ministry. For example, given our strategic location between Huggins Elementary and Fulshear High School, a faith-based after school program may be one form of intentional outreach to the community. This could involve replicating the TLC model of preschool and childcare, or it might look more like a daycare for younger children and a community center with safe activities for at-risk teens.

* The Vision Team, as part of an overarching Fulshear Strategy, would recommend that Council create two select teams.  One to research the missional needs of the Fulshear Community and a second to develop a phased master plot plan for the land that will provide for these ministries.